THE vision: you never have to apply for the role you want

How is that vision achieved?

Wendy Pavey talks about the philosophy and methodology of her approach to working with clients seeking senior executive and C-suite roles in this 3 minute video.

THE executive brand v.a.l.u.e. Methodology


THE Methodology elements


1. Foundation

The foundation of your personal brand is your Value Proposition - that compelling commercial value that sets you apart from competitors and makes you the logical choice for the role.

We'll work together to identify your Value and your Differentiation (creating a point of difference where necessary) before testing it to ensure the market wants and needs what you can bring.


2. Assets

Your brand assets can include your Pitch, LinkedIn and other social media profiles, Bio (written and video), CV/resumé, career narratives and your personal website.

We'll work together to create assets that are closely aligned with your brand value, that embrace best practice and that consistently represent you in ways that are congruent with your career objectives.


3. Authority

To prove the credibility and value of your brand, you need to establish its authority so that even a quick glance at your digital footprint strongly supports your career objectives.

We'll work together to create original, high quality content that’s based on your personal experiences, and aim to package your knowledge into tangible and valuable Intellectual Property. 


4. Visibility

To be confident of achieving your career objectives, you’ll need to take targeted  and proactive steps to get your brand in front of key decision-makers.

We'll work together to identify important individuals, coordinate outreach efforts and undertake ongoing communication, to build warm professional relationships that advance your career.

Working with recruiters

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is that you should NOT contact a recruiter until you have your brand Assets and at least some elements of your brand Authority in place. 

I work with many executive recruiters and search consultants (aka headhunters) and they nearly all agree that the typical job seeker does not properly understand the role of the recruiter. 

dealing with challenges

You're facing challenges on the way to your goals

Everyone who engages me is facing a challenge of some sort. Those without challenges do not require a brand strategist; they achieve their career goals with ease.

Typical challenges include:

  • thinking you're "too old" or "too young"
  • having spent "too long" with one company
  • having had "too many" roles
  • feeling "boxed in" in your role or company
  • lacking a genuine point of difference
  • being "male, pale and stale"
  • coming from a CALD background

or any other reason that you think is holding you back.


My approach with challenges of any kind is to address  them head-on. There are no elephants in my room. You'll bring your challenges and your courage, and together we'll tackle whatever is in your way.

Please note: I am not a counsellor or a coach and I cannot help you with your mindset. However, I can unreservedly recommend my colleague Dr Diane Harner, a neuroscientist and gifted counsellor who will assist you to understand how your brain works, and support you as you face your challenges. Read more about Dr Harner at

Feeling outdated?

Feeling old, outdated or irrelevant is a very common challenge and clients often say they believe it is not fixable. After all, you can't change your age.

In fact, this is an easy challenge to address and many clients find the process immensely rewarding and fun.

All it requires is that you commit to doing and saying some new things as part of your personal brand strategy. 

Working with me

Here's an insight into the mindset I look for:

• you're ambitious, because you believe you can make a genuine difference for the people you lead and for the companies who employ you.

• you're confident in the substance of your skills and experience, and you know that telling your story is a requirement for influence

• you value strategy and you expect strategic thinking to underpin any recommendations for activity or action

• you're proactive, not passive. If you've put effort into a presentation or paper, you want to squeeze as much juice from it as possible. 

I work extensively with busy executives and my services are tailored to the requirements of someone whose day job involves running a multi-million dollar enterprise. I provide a complete Done For You service that delivers execution to the highest standard.

looking for self-paced learning?

In Demand Executive online course

If you prefer a self-paced learning option, then my In Demand Executive course is designed for your needs. The course takes you through the same process that I use with my 1:1 clients. Register your interest here.