it starts with strategy

Strategy is not optional

A  strategy session is the starting point for every client engagement. 

The session reviews your:

  • objectives
  • challenges
  • activity preferences
  • success measures

After the session you'll receive (by email) my written recommendations for activities that will help you achieve your stated objectives.

The session takes 1 hour and is usually conducted over Skype, to allow for easy recording. The session can also take place in person, if there's a mutually convenient location. 

The cost is AUD497 and can be deducted from a subsequent service.


Wendy Pavey talks about the importance and value of strategy in this 2 minute video


"What preparation do I need to do?"

You'll need to be able to articulate your objectives. To get you from Point A to Point B, you need to tell me what B looks like. 

"What preparation do you do?"

I typically review your digital presence (i.e. Google your name), read your LinkedIn profile and read your CV, if you send it to me. 

"What is the cost?"

The cost is AUD497, including taxes. The full amount is deducted from any subsequent service that you purchase for yourself.

"What if I have to cancel the booking?"

We will reschedule. I am happy to accommodate at least 

two reschedules. 

You're busy. I understand.

"What if I'm running late?"

I don't typically schedule back-to-back sessions so I can usually accommodate a short delay without cutting short the session. I'll let you know if we need to reschedule.

"Are times available outside business hours or for overseas clients?"

Yes. If you can't see a suitable time on the booking calendar, please email to discuss alternatives that work for you.

engagement options


After the initial strategy session has been completed, single projects can be costed and undertaken to an agreed timetable.


Ideal for Thought Leadership programs or for the client who wants to have an on-call resource. 

Valuable for network building and content creation to ensure consistent activity, especially during very busy times.   

VIP Intensive

For the time-poor or impatient client, a VIP Intensive (full day or half day options) delivers rapid implementation. 

Held in person for preference but Skype is an option.



Prefer to meet in person?

I am based in Brisbane, Australia, with my family. The local timezone is GMT +10 (no summertime).

I travel regularly to Sydney and Melbourne, and annually to Perth. 

I will travel to most Australian locations if I have a full day intensive or 2 half day intensives booked.

Contact me about my travel schedule