Your career success depends on your ability to influence decision-makers

Your 'Personal Brand' ensures you effectively influence the right people – online and in person

Executive Brand Founder Wendy Pavey talks about the meaning, purpose and value of Personal Brand in this 1min:49sec video. 

"Personal Brand functions like any brand: its purpose is to help the customer choose between very similar options. Personal Brand Strategy creates a powerful point of difference for you, that is grounded in the commercial value you can bring to a role."

A powerful personal brand has an objective. What’s yours?

I want a new Senior Executive, C-Suite or leadership role

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I want to be recognised as a Thought Leader

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I want Interim, Contract and Consulting roles

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I want Board and Non-executive Director roles

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I want to establish an enduring legacy for my career

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I want to return to work after an extended break

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I want to make a complete career change

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I want to be promoted by my current employer

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I want to be seen as a great communicator by the people I lead

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The 4 Elements of Personal Brand Strategy

1. Foundation


The foundation of an effective personal brand is your Value Proposition. If not grounded in commercial value, your brand will be an empty shell.

2. Assets


Your brand needs to be translated to a suite of Brand Assets that you use to powerfully communicate your value on a wide range of platforms.

4. Authority


You'll need to establish your Brand Authority so that your value is clearly understood and can be quickly recognised and readily shared.

4. Visibility


You'll need to ensure that your brand is visible to the right people – the decision-makers who can help you to achieve your career objectives.

About Wendy Pavey


Iconic global brand experience

"I've worked for iconic global FMCG brands like Apple, Nokia, Gillette, Raid and Gatorade. What I learned is that these famous brands work constantly to keep their name relevant to – and remembered by –  their target market.

Executives and senior leaders need to do exactly the same, to ensure they are both visible and valued."


Marketing communications expertise

"My skills are grounded in marketing imperatives: my focus is always on achieving your objective, which is effectively 'selling' yourself as an ideal candidate, a thought leader or a sought after mentor.

At the start of my career, I mostly used the written word and focused on influencing mainstream media. Today I employ video and audio formats, and make extensive use of social media and online platforms."


Senior executive clientele

"Throughout my career, I've worked with and for very senior leaders in a diverse array of enterprises. I understand the unique demands of an executive career and have tailored my services accordingly.

My 1:1 programs provide a Done For You service that delivers excellent results with the least possible input from you, so you can focus on your day-to day role, while ensuring attention to your longer term career goals."

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